About Us

There are many professional websites and blogs dedicated to USC sports.  What will make this one unique?  First, let me say that we are not trying to become another standard message board site with a national affiliation.  We won’t have any special inside information and we will NOT stick to a “company line” when talking about Carolina. 

I am just a Gamecock fan with a unique perspective and I tell it like it is.  I believe you will find it authentic and always interesting, even when you disagree with what is being said.  Outside of my regular column there will be some sarcastic humor and a lot of satire.  We will have some picking at my Clemson friends, but it will all be in fun and that’s what a rivalry is about.

After all, this old Calhoun County Boy is as “Gamecock” as they come.  I was born and raised in St. Matthews, the home of Zam Fredrick and the Jeffery Brothers.  I have never lived anywhere but South Carolina, and was blessed with parents who are rabid Gamecocks themselves.  

My lineage is rooted in the Garnet and Black as well.  My Great Uncle was the late Tatum Gressette (also of St. Matthews), the Gamecock Football Captain in 1920 and 1921.  “Uncle” Tatum drop-kicked a field goal to beat Clemson 3-0 during his career and he became a Carolina legend in the process.  My late Grandfather, T. M. “Babe” Nelson, was the most loyal and passionate Gamecock fan I ever knew and I sat in many games with him in Section 104.  

So you can see it started early for me.  My Mom likes to tell folks that my first “memory” as a USC fan came when she was 7 months pregnant with me in March of 1971.  She and my Dad were at the Greensboro Coliseum that spring night when Kevin Joyce tapped the ball to Tom Owens and we won the ACC tournament.  So I was there at age -1.   And I have “been there” ever since.  

I hope you like The Cock-A-Booster and feel free to let me know what you think.  Go Gamecocks!