Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Crankshaft Gazette: Young Gamecock Fans getting tired of 9 and 11-win seasons

THIS IS A MADE UP (FAKE) STORY...Do not take it too serious!
As a matter of fact...don't take anything we say too serious!

Jeremy Frakline
(OK, Not Really! - Just picture we found!

Yes, we know he is probably not 7!)

Jeremy Frankline of Elgin is a 7-year old Gamecock fan who loves football in Columbia but he’s had enough of settling for 11-win seasons.  “I’ve been watching football since I was 4 years old,” said Frankline, who is ready for something better.  “I mean it’s nice to be in the Top 10 all the time, winning bowl games and destroying Clemson every year, but it’s time for more.”  

Frankline bristles at the idea that he has never faced adversity like older Gamecock fans.  “How can you say that?  We actually lost to Clemson when I was 2 years old, and we only won 9 games three years ago.  I’ve been through the rough times.”  

Jeremy laughs when his Dad tries to tell him about the past.  The elder Frankline points out that as of 2005, he had lived through a 8-26 stretch against the Tigers.  “My Dad was born in 1971.  That is freaking old dude.  I don’t care what happened in ancient times like that.  That was back when Cher was in her 60s.

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