Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MOO U News: Jack Leggett excited about Dabo’s new contract!

Coach Leggett claps for joy after hearing of the new contract given to Dabo Swinney.

When Clemson formally embraced losing to South Carolina as a good thing by giving Dabo Swinney a huge new contract, no one was more excited than Tiger Baseball Coach Jack Leggett.  “Shoot, I’ve been losing to the Gamecocks for years so I should get one heck of a deal now,” said Leggett who has been working under the apparent misconception that he should be upset about failing against his in-state rival.  “I don’t blame my agent because I honestly thought Tiger fans cared about getting embarrassed by South Carolina.  Since they actually don’t care, you can look for some hard negotiations coming from old Jack-Leg.”  

In related Tiger news, Brad Brownell has been told he will have his salary reduced in a big way if he keeps beating USC.  “I apologize to the Clemson fan base for not going ‘all in’ to the new rules about our rivals.  I promise to join Dabo and Jack’s way of doing things starting next year.  I never meant to cause disunity or turmoil by defeating the Gamecocks.”  

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