Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More...MOO U NEWS: Top 10 ways Clemson is showing they’re not obsessed with Carolina

In light of the new “Countdown to Carolina” clocks at Clemson, here are some other ways the Tigers are showing they aren’t worried about the Gamecocks

10.          All Li’l Cricket locations in the Upstate now required to have a “Kill Cocky” video game
9.            The slop buckets used to feed the cheerleaders now must have “Beat Carolina” painted on them.  (Correct spelling is optional)
8.            The “Bring Back Big Spur” petition is now circulating the Iptay Center.
7.            Will Merritt has tripled his daily drive-thru appearances at Popeye’s Chicken 
6.            Roy Philpott is going to sit in a tree on campus wearing Burt Reynolds’ chicken suit from “Stroker Ace” until Dabo beats USC. 
5.            All freshman students at Clemson must now wear a severed beak around their necks.
4.            Dabo’s new reality show on A & E… “I don’t care about USC.  Really.” 
3.            Death Valley now being renamed as “Well we beat LSU and Ohio State at least” Stadium
2.            New manure-scented perfume being sold at all malls is named “Obsession…but not about a rival”
1.            Best Selling bumper sticker in Pickens County:  “Beat USC.  Or Don’t.  We don’t care.”

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