Friday, January 4, 2013

GAMECOCK TIDBITS: Steve Spurrier says his post-Outback Bowl Riverdance the best ever

NOTE: Some of this may be slighly fabricated or made-up....Read with CAUTION!

Steve Spurrier decided he would celebrate the Gamecocks’ Outback Bowl victory by doing a very upbeat rendition of Riverdance in the locker room.  After he was done he declared to the media that his performance was the best ever and that the world should take notice.  “Yeah, old Jean Butler and Michael Flatley better watch out, cause the Head Dancer is making his move. ” The dance lasted just a minute or two but that was enough for Spurrier to declare himself the winner.  The winner of what is unclear at this point. 
Spurrier is known for turning everything into a competition, but no one knew of his love for the Irish Stepdance until recent weeks.  G. A. Mangus, a world-renowned ballroom dancer himself, said Spurrier became obsessed during the football season.  “Coach has always discussed how important baroque-influenced traditional music is to him, so we all figured he would eventually move into dance.  Then he read ‘The Humours of Planxty’ by Leagues O'Toole and the rest was history.”
Spurrier says he is looking into some type of exotic tango as his next challenge, or maybe getting on to “Dancing with the Stars.”  

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