Friday, November 16, 2012

CLAWS vs. PAWS - Week 12


Weekend of November 17, 2012

Wofford at South Carolina
(No Line)


Why do we schedule teams that play this kind of offense?  If there was a line on this game, I would probably take the Terriers and the points because you know Carolina has to be gearing up a bit for the trip to the Sister-Marrying Capital of the World next week.  

Mike Ayers is one of my favorites and like he always does, he will come into Columbia, go for it all day on 4th down, run that pesky offense that drives you nuts and keep it close most of the day.  This game has been WAY too close for comfort in the past and I am sure the fannies will all be nervous on Saturday.  

Gamecocks get out of the game with a win, a big exhale, and hopefully will avoid any new injuries.    
South Carolina 30
Wofford 24


UCS has always wanted to be part of the big boy club.  When in the ACC, they realized basketball belonged to the Research Triangle and football belonged to Clemson, so they left for greener grasses of independence.  After wandering the desert for 30 years with no shoulder to cry on, they thought the SEC would at least provide companionship.  But years of mediocrity made them sit at the kid's table during major holidays.  They went through phases: rebellion (Tanneyhill), bad boy (Newton & Watson), therapy (Holtz), and even grunge (Garcia), but the results were the same.

Eventually, the bias too strong, the money too good, and the hotels too cheap to keep them in the land of mediocrity.  They were even able to break up the Orange Crush (how come they never had a nickname for the gauntlet of Vandy, Kentucky, & the Mississippi's?).  They even had the audacity to bite the hand that fed them by blaming the SEC for their schedule.

And now it looks like they've finally learned the secret password and handshake to join the SEC's inner circle - at least when it comes to scheduling out of conference games in November.  This week, UCS joins Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and Texas A&M in going outside of their conference against FCS opponents.  Now Spurrier claims Wofford is as good as some of those SEC schools they play.  Not sure if he is referencing Florida & LSU or Kentucky & Arkansas.  Considering one half are NFL caliber teams, he must be comparing the bottom half of the SEC to FCS schools.  And UCS treats Wofford like such.

UCS 44
Wofford 13


N.C. State at Clemson
(Clemson is favored by 17)


This is the final installment of the Clemson cupcake tour happens on Saturday, and then we can finally see them play a Division 1 opponent next week.  To be fair, N. C. State is probably the best of that bad bunch that Clemson enjoys beating up.  If this game were in Raleigh, I would even say the kitten backers ought to be worried.  

And Clemson easily could be looking ahead a bit and yes, if they loaf around too long and this one slips into the 4th quarter it could become a big headache.  Clemson’s defense is still not very good so State can get some points if they handle being on the road.  

I am sure that Dabbles is reminding them that the Pack beat Clemson badly last year but I seriously doubt anything but Carolina is on the Tigers minds at this point.  Too much Florida-purchased talent to call for the upset here, but I will take the points.   

Clemson 35
N. C. State 21

Clemson wins but does not cover the point spread.


Clemson starts Week 1 of a two week revenge tour against NC State, a team that embarrassed Clemson last year in Raleigh.  This NC State team still wants to throw the ball around - and will with pretty good success as the Clemson secondary is still raw. 

But this NC State defense is not the same as last year as they've given up at least 33 points in each of their four losses, including 43 UNC and 44 to Miami.  In comparison, Clemson has scored at least 37 points in their last 9 games.

Which will win - NC State's defense or Clemson's offense?  Last year: NC State, at home.  This year: Clemson, at home.

But, NC State's offense will do what the last few teams couldn't - keep it close.  Clemson wins the game by double digits, but not until the 4th quarter - and not by the 17 point spread.

Clemson 41
NC State 27

Clemson wins but does not cover the point spread.


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