Friday, November 2, 2012

Crystal Ball - Week 10

Troy at Tennessee
The Smoky Mountain Minutemen have used up just about all of their ammo this fall, and they don’t have an SEC head to mount on the wall.  The Knoxville Brigade better get it together this weekend, as Larry Blakeney brings his Alabama Argonauts to town.  The Yellowhammer Spartans will not go down without a fight, but they eventually will surrender their swords.
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Tennessee by 8

Missouri at Florida
Will Muschamp and his newly-skinned crocodiles found out it wasn’t so easy to have several tough games in a row last week, and they couldn’t be happier that the Show Me State pride is next on the slate.  The Golden Meowers from Columbia West have this one last chance to offer a pigskin roar, but it won’t be much over a whimper.         
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Florida by 15

Ole Miss at Georgia
East Georgia’s favorite neutered puppies are back in the Athens Alpo Hut this weekend, having been given an SEC East bone again that they did not earn.  Mark Richt and his delicate howlers welcome in some Southern Gentlemen from the Oxford Plantation, and there won’t be any fried green tomatoes on the menu.  UGA will be on the ice and resting in plenty of time for supper.   
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Georgia by 3

Alabama at LSU
Nick Saban and his Tuscaloosa Tuskers will rumble into the Bayou this weekend, hoping to make the local bengals the main ingredient in the pigskin gumbo.  The Mad Hatter has no intentions of letting this recipe be created, and he’d like some Ivory in the pot instead.   Death Valley always is a menacing den for guests, but even that won’t stop the red rhinos from doing a little stomping. 
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Alabama by 5

Clemson at Duke
The Carnival Barker and his offended orange masses will leave the oversensitive upstate scratching post this weekend, roaring into Durham to claw up some purple demons.  The Tobacco Lucifers are the latest pretender to be propped up in the NCAA high school division, and their flames will be extinguished with ease.      
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Clesmson by 30

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