Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cockabooster accused of rampant steroid-blogging

Lottoburger!!!  YUMMY!

We all know how powerful the Cockabooster has been over the years, but was the strength of the site enhanced by performance-enhancing blogging?  I decided to seek an interview with myself to get the truth.  I knew that landing an interview with me would be tough, so I went to a location I was sure I would be eventually:  Arri’s Grill in Aiken.  Patiently I waited until sure enough I showed up looking for a Lottoburger with Jalapeno’s.  

Finally I agreed to sit down and address the charges once and for all with myself.  I had this to say:  “At no time did I knowingly participate in performance-enhancing blogging.  For anyone to suggest that steroids have aided my writing is unfair and hurtful.  My sense of humor comes from a long history of eating Captain Crunch as a child, watching many episodes of Cheers as a teenager and pulling for the Gamecocks since birth.  I fully and categorically deny these charges and I hope this ends any debate about the authenticity of the insanity this blog produces on a sometimes-weekly basis.”  
I went on to babble for an hour about a variety of random topics like why NewsRadio was underrated and how it’s time to forgive  Mr. Pibb for changing cans. 

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