Monday, October 21, 2013

MOO U News: Chad Morris admits he left most of the offense at his house

Chad Morris explains how he left the offense on the counter at home.
Clemson Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris was running late to Death Valley on Saturday, and as a result left 77.5% of the Clemson offense at home.  “Yeah, I went back to grab my keys and put most of the offense down on the table by the back door.  Walked out without it and you saw what happened.”

Clemson ended up only scoring seven meaningful points against Florida State in a 51-14 butt-kicking.  “When you only use 22 percent of your playbook that is going to happen,” said Morris who promised to save the offense on a thumb drive moving forward.  “Oh, we’ll be ready for Maryland.  I’ll never leave home without it again.  I swear I would lose my head sometimes if it wasn’t hooked to my body!” 

Morris says this isn’t the only time he left an important item at his house before a game.  “Before the trip to Raleigh I forgot to grab the valium we give Dabo every week.  I left it right there on the kitchen table.  Damn near cost us that game but we were able to find a straight-jacket.” 


FOLLOW UP:  To prevent this from happening in the near future, Dabo has purchased Coach Morris a TILE...and the TILE app for his iPhone to make sure the offense and Coach Morris are never separated again! 

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