Friday, September 13, 2013

CLAWS vs. PAWS - Week 3

Weekend of September 14, 2013

The typical overreaction to the Gamecocks losing at Georgia mirrors only the overhyping of Carolina heading into the season.  The same thing is happening up in Tigger-Town and that will be fun to deal with later but I digress…  Anyway, what it all means is that everyone has now just completely WRITTEN OFF USC and left us for dead.  Frankly, I think that is where we need to always be because we play a lot better under those circumstances. 

So does that mean I am predicting a blow-out on Saturday?  Kind of, yes. First of all, Shaw is a MUCH different quarterback at home as I’ve discussed.  He doesn’t lose in Columbia.  Add in that he made the key mistake in Athens last week despite an otherwise GREAT effort and I bet he’ll come out slinging.  I know we have questions about the defense and as predicted they are mostly centered on our brand new linebackers.  The Cockabooster was exhaustively trying to talk about that to no avail in the summer.  And Vandy has over 15 seniors starting so this is an experienced Commodores team.  

While my buddy over at The Tiger Swag has been getting intoxicated off of the fool’s gold punch old Dabbles is peddling up yonder, I have quietly built a 10-point lead in this contest so if I am going to gamble, this is the week.  I think Carolina wins after a very uncomfortable 1st half.  We will get a late score that will cover the spread.  Carolina is only going to get better after Athens and it will start on Saturday.  

South Carolina 34, Vandy 21


Storylines this week:
  • USC fans finding more excuses than yards they gave up
  • Eillington mad at the sun for shining each day
  • Clowney upset at defensive coaches for costing him the Heisman
  • Defensive coaches mad at each other for having to coach with Spurrier
  • Spurrier not sure Vandy is maintaining proper standards.  No response from Vandy
  • Ron Morris not sure Spurrier is maintaining proper standards
  • Spurrier response? Fire Ron Morris for destroying the "Sticks and Stones" myth
  • The State giving Ron Morris a pseudo bonus by removing him from the USC beat
  • The State bowing to journalistic pressure and forcing Morris back on the USC beat

Oh, and by the way, Vanderbilt is coming to town, which nobody seems to be talking about.  And this ain't your mama's Vandy...

This game won't be close.  Either USC uses the pain and embarrassment from last week to completely destroy Vandy.  Or Vandy strolls into Billy Brice and out of town with the keys to Cocky's jail cell.  Either way, it won't be much of a game.

Fortunately for USC, there is too much talent at the line of scrimmage for Vandy to pull the upset.  Spurrier 2.0 will run the ball twice as much as he throws, and the ground game will wear out Franklin's Commodores.

Now, we said the same thing back in 2006 & 2007, and USC managed to lose those game, but I don't think it will happen this year.

South Carolina 31, Vanderbilt 13




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