Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MOO U News: Kirk Herbstreit and Dabo are officially dating...

Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN has fallen in love with Dabo Swinney, and he says this time the relationship will be long-lasting.  “Dabo promises me he’s not going to break my heart again,” said Herbie, who has fought it out with 94-year old Brent Musberger’s infatuation with Alabama QB’s girlfriends for the Most Uncomfortable Crush on television.    

Herbstreit said it was hard to put away previous failed flirtations with the Tigers, and he knows that he is setting himself up for failure again.  But he says the time is right to make one more go of it.  “We are going to run the table this year and to be honest we may never lose another football game.”  When he was asked if he could handle it if Clemson stubs their toe in 2013, Herbstreit welled up with tears.  “DON’T YOU SAY THAT!  QUIT SAYING SUCH AWFUL THINGS ABOUT MY MAN!  They are going undefeated and that’s the last I will hear of it.   LA LA LA LA LA LA!  I can’t hear you.  I can’t hear you.”  

When asked how the knot was officially tied, Dabo said he took the ESPN analyst to the Esso Club and treated him to a bottle of their finest Mad Dog.  “You could tell when he sipped that 20/20 Orange that he was All In.”  But just to top it off, Swinney did a Karaoke version of “Try Again” by Champaign to help seal the deal.

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