Monday, November 18, 2013

CLAWS vs. PAWS - Week 12 Scoreboard

As we wind down toward the end of the season, The TigerSwag continues to maintain a 9 point advantage.  This past weekend, they tied...AGAIN.  In the Clemson game, they both picked Clemson to beat Georgia Tech and cover the spread.  For their efforts they both received 10 points.  In the South Carolina game, they both picked South Carolina to win and cover the spread against Florida.  USC won, but did not cover the spread so they both only received 3 points.  This made the current score THE TIGERSWAG 114 and THE COCK-A-BOOSTER 105.

Here are this weeks match ups.  As of November 18, there was no spread listed for either game...both should be blowouts for the home teams.  Therefore, we will change the rules a little bit this week.  Hey, if President Obama can change and alter the HEALTH CARE LAW at moment's notice, then why can't we change the rules for a week of Claws vs. Paws? Right?

Here is how this week will go.  If they pick the winner of the game they get 3 points (like normal).  Then, they will give their prediction of the final scores for each game.  Whoever is the closest to picking the final margin (spread) they will receive a 7 point bonus for that game.  We will do this for both games.

We may see The Cock-A-Booster make a serious move, or we may see The TigerSwag begin to pull away!!


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