Monday, November 4, 2013

GAMECOCK TIDBITS: Spurrier resentful he has never been on “Duck Dynasty”

Gamecock coach Steve Spurrier may not be the national celebrity he once was, but he feels like reality TV’s biggest show is missing out by ignoring him.  “I don’t have a beard, but I would fit right in down there in West Monroe,” says Spurrier, whose southern accent and legendary sideline antics seem to be right up the Robertson’s alley. 

Spurrier says he is willing to get as “rednecky” as is needed to land an appearance.  “Yeah, I’ve never eaten any squirrel or poured doe urine on my wife for the sake of getting supper, but I am flexible.  The Head Ball Coach could also be the head of Duck Commander for one week.” 
When told of Spurrier’s interest in the show, “Uncle Si” Robertson explained that booking guests is a process and that Spurrier would certainly warrant consideration in the future.  “Back when I was in ‘Nam, we only knew goats and tea in Tupperware,” said Robertson, who went on to express admiration for the Gamecock head man.  “You don’t make no possum soup by slicing a skunk up in the cobbler.  A hog ain’t sweet until a buck licks his feet.”   

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