Sunday, November 13, 2011

It’s such a good turnaround we don’t even appreciate it (and a middle finger to Jawja)!

Barring a “bluegrass miracle” from Kentucky this weekend, Carolina’s 2011 SEC campaign is done.  Coach Spurrier was dead on when he pointed out that the Athens Alpos got to play Ole Miss while we got to play at Arkansas, and thanks to that scheduling gift, Georgia will likely represent the East in Atlanta.  This is not whining or excuse making, just the system in which we play.  The Gamecocks have gone 9-1 in the East over the last two seasons including two wins each over Georgia, UT and the Gators.  Our lone loss against a division rival in that span was at Kentucky in 2010. 
Add in that we played Georgia in Athens this year and won and it’s clear we have been the class of the division the last two years.  But much like the old days when the ACC hoops tournament chose the lone NCAA tournament rep instead of the entire season, sometimes the better team loses out to a random quirk.  So good luck to you drooling pups, but in the spirit of “The Bad News Bears,” you can take your second place trophy and shove it up….well I will stop there.  But don’t worry, we’ll see you ladies again in Columbia in 2012 where you will enjoy a third straight whipping.  You should start praying now that the schedule saves you again then. 
So we move forward to El Cid, the world’s sexiest aardvarks from the Upstate, and the bowl game.  Before we do, I would be remiss not to take a second to review and enjoy just what a turnaround the Steve Spurrier era has been in the Southeastern Conference for USC.  Start with a quick review of the stats.  In the 13 SEC seasons preceding Spurrier, Carolina was 65-82 overall; 36-67 in the conference; 5-34 against the “Big 3” of UGA, Florida and Tennessee; 0 Division Titles.  Since he arrived in 2005, we have been 52-35 overall, 29-27 in the conference; 10-11 against the “Big 3;” 1 Division Title and our first 6-2 SEC season ever (this year). 
No wonder Spurrier was so emotional yesterday afternoon!  Heck I was too.  (I apologize to the 107.5 host who sat near me with his family yesterday. I am sure the conversation our rows were having there were not exactly Algonquin Roundtable Banter, especially when Clowney and Melvin were getting held so badly that maybe we just need to get them tear-away jerseys.  It was rated “PG-13” at best but I digress…)
So just sit back and soak in those freaking numbers!  I have never failed to hold Gamecock coaches accountable when they need it but COME ON!  This is remarkable stuff and I hope USC fans appreciate just what has been going on at Williams-Brice since 2005.  Let’s use this week to heal up a bit, defeat The Citadel and get ready for the biennial tractor and cow invasion. 

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  1. The Kentucky QB is going to line up, throw a pick six to the Georgia CB, point at Spurrier and say, "This one's for you, Steve-O" --for running up the score on them. Georgia wins and wins big. Kentucky plays their subs and lays down for this one as payback.



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