Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Old-School Negative Gamecock Fans are Dinosaurs

I will admit that I used to be as negative of a Gamecock fan that there was.  Ask anyone who knows me well and they will concur.  For example, my roommate and Columbia friends from the Brad Scott era could give you first-hand accounts of some of the finest beverage-induced rants about our football program the world has ever seen.  To this day, I find being content and happy about Carolina athletics still a "novel" concept.  

Having said that, it’s SO much better enjoying USC sports as opposed to enduring them.  And to all who are still immersed in that negative mindset, maybe it’s time to just go do something else for a hobby.  Seriously.  Think about it this way:  If you can’t enjoy the Steve Spurrier and Ray Tanner eras, you aren’t going to enjoy anything at USC…ever.  

And having been where you are, I get it and understand how you got the mindset.  You feel like a dog that has been beaten senseless by a cruel owner.  You're cowering and constantly cringing waiting on that next slap or kick or whipping.  And I can tell you right now:  there is no question that the Gamecocks will at some point have disappointing individual seasons in the future.  All programs have setback years.  But why sit around being miserable and miss all of the good that is going on waiting for something that every program goes through?  

This year’s baseball team is the perfect example of what I mean.  There are some Gamecock fans that are so certain that this young team is not going to win another national title that they have spent the entire season obsessed with every single mistake that the new players have made.  We just spent a month not losing a conference game and the first words out of these jokers’ mouths is talking about how weak those opponents had to be!  You almost could hear them saying, “Yes, yes, the two national titles are nice…” as if to say those are over now, let’s move on.

Not a chance folks.  It’s hard to win ONE national title in a men’s major sport, much less two in a row.  There are schools that have only 1 national title in a men’s major sport ever.  In some cases that single title happened decades ago and they STILL live off of it today.   So can’t we at least enjoy our back-to-back titles at least through this year’s College World Series? 

Who knows what this year’s baseball postseason holds?  Will we win a third title?  Will we "only” get back to Omaha and lose there?  Will we (gasp) just make a Super Regional?  Time will answer those questions, but one thing is certain: today, we are the reigning national champs and this program has earned your support and respect.  And for those who will hear that and go “don’t tell me what kind of fan to be,” you’re exactly who I am talking to.  Yes, the day will come when someone else holds the national baseball championship.  Until then, count me among those who plan to enjoy the ride (and not endure it).  

It’s a new time for Gamecock Athletics, negative nellies.  Time to stop looking for the whipping and start enjoying the winning.  If not, go take your “support” to another school.  I have several I could suggest if you need assistance.  

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