Friday, May 11, 2012

Spurrier worried about “The Clemson Effect” on Strength of Schedule

This story is fake, so do NOT take it too serious!


The ACC has had a rough few years on the gridiron, and now the SEC schools that are forced to play them for in-state rival matchups have started to chirp.  A basketball conference at heart, the ACC thought it had boosted its football reputation by landing FSU, Miami and Va. Tech.  Instead, those once proud programs have plummeted to mediocrity. 
The conference could actually lose its “Automatic Qualifier” status in the BCS, and other conferences are now looking to rescue Florida State out of the bear trap.  Some other schools in the ACC are being courted in their minds as well although not in the real world. 
That leaves South Carolina, Georgia and Florida with a schedule problem not lost on the Head Ball Coach.  “Yeah, we have to play those guys and we are their Super Bowl while it’s all risk, no return for us.  Even if we beat them up again this year what will that mean for our strength of schedule?  It’s not a good situation.” 
Spurrier was asked what could be done to counter what he is calling “The Clemson Effect,” and he had a list of ideas.  “Obviously our first choice would be to find a tougher opponent for that slot.  Someone like North Greenville, the S. C. School for the Deaf and Blind or maybe Calhoun Academy in St. Matthews.  Those schools may not give us a boost but they won’t drag us down and that’s what we’re looking for.” 
When he was told that Steve Spurrier had actually said these comments, Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney found himself at a loss for words.  “I am used to misquoting him and making things up.  I ain’t used to him actually saying stuff.  So I will just say, ‘Don’t mess with Texas!’ and move on.”

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