Friday, September 28, 2012

The Crystal Ball speaks...(week 5)

Arkansas at Texas A & M
The flailing piglets from the Ozarks roll into Cattle Country this weekend, hoping to change the BBQ gridiron meat of choice from Pork to Beef.  The Gallant Gauchos will have the Kyle Field Ranch ready to rope some squealing swine and all indications are it will be the other white meat for dinner when the day is done. 
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Texas A & M by 8
Tennessee at Georgia
Derek Dooley and his Daniel Boone’s will take the Smoky Mountain Militia into Athens on Saturday, hoping to gun down the Red Clay Hounds before any bones are buried.   The Hedge Puppies have strong pigskin jowls this fall and may get too many chomps in on the hillbilly gunners before the shooting begins.      
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says...  Georgia by 5

Ole Miss at Alabama
The Mint Juleps leave the Grove on Saturday, as the Oxford Gentlemen stroll into Tuscaloosa to dine on some local elephant instead.  They will find out that Nick Saban has other menu plans, and his Crimson Trumpets will be blowing loudly and often.  The Colonel Rebs will retreat back to the plantation with their mustaches trimmed.         
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says...  Alabama by 28
Missouri at Central Florida
Gary Pinkle and his Golden Cats are in Citrus Country on Saturday, hoping to outduel the Mickey Mouse Jousters in time for a ride on Space Mountain.  The home horsemen will make this a bumpy affair, and may get a few licks in along the way.  But I think the visiting kittens will leave with Meow Mix still in the dish.   
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says...  Missouri by 3
Clemson at Boston College
Reverend Septober and the Pickens Prowlers will speed into Chestnut Hills this weekend, and they intend to find some Beantown Birds for a gridiron snack.  The Clam Chowder Beeks will try and turn the visitors around at the Old North Bridge, but these visitors won’t be wearing redcoats.  And if Dabo is driving the team bus home, the Tiggers will be back home for dinner.      
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says...  Clemson by 39
South Carolina at Kentucky
Joker Phillips and the Bluegrass Kittens will open up the Rupp Arena Scratching Post on Saturday, hoping to claw up some visiting Roosters from Richland County.  Steve Spurrier is in a “fowl” mood this week, and the traveling birds may be focused on an upcoming visit from some Peach State Pups.        

The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says...  South Carolina by 10

Other winners this weekend:  LSU and The U. S. Ryder Cup Team!


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