Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We will have to throw at some point…

Assuming Connor Shaw can and will heal up over the next two weeks, Carolina leaves the 1st game of the year right where we thought they would be:  1-0 with a tough win on the road in the SEC.  Having said that, there is no doubt that there are two areas that will need improvement before Missouri comes to town:  Our passing game and defensive backs.   

Real quick let me address our upstate orange friends.  As I said on Facebook following the game, I thought Clemson looked better than I expected them to and I tip my cap to them for the win.  And congrats to my buddy Willy Powell over at The Tiger Swag for taking the lead in Paws vs. Claws.  Well done Sir!  

Having sincerely said that, Clemson is making WAY too much over beating the unranked 7th or 8th best team in our conference but I digress.  They haven’t had much to cheer about lately so it makes sense.  And although I will do my weekly Moo U article on them this week, I think USC fans just need to do like Adam Sandler in “Billy Madison,” and treat them as the O’Doyle family running around screaming  “Clemson (O’Doyle) RULES. ” Because the fact is we have our own issues that need addressing and we “need to study.” That station wagon will hit the banana peel in a few weeks, and their car flags and loud hooting and hollering will instantly disappear and go right off the cliff. 

In the meantime, let’s focus on our issues.  Coach Spurrier did a nice job of expressing the frustration all Gamecock fans were feeling about our lack of a passing game on Thursday night.  No, it didn’t cost us the game but that better not be the best we can produce throwing the ball moving forward.  Yes, it was raining, it was the first game, Shaw was injured, etc, etc.  All are valid points and again the main thing is that we won the game.  No question.  In the SEC, we are going to face defenses that WILL make us throw the ball to open up the running game and win.  LSU, Missouri, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Arkansas make up half of our schedule.  So we better find another Alshon quickly or expand our passing playbook. 

I also was not happy with our defensive back play, but looking back on the game they really did a pretty good job.  Several of Vandy’s completions were just prayer lobs that were answered.  And yes there was the 1 big play for their touchdown but those things happen sometimes.  Our defense held a team that was playing their “Super Bowl” at home according to James Franklin to 1 big play, 200 other yards, and 13 points.  Not bad.

With the schedule as back-heavy as it is this year, we must take advantage of the next two weeks to get ready and I think we will.  In the meantime, it is SO much nicer to be following this version of Carolina football.  Give me spoiled fans picking apart wins instead of delusional fans celebrating minor successes any day!  It’s a great time to be a Gamecock! 

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