Saturday, December 29, 2012

MORE MOO U NEWS...Some random thoughts on happenings in Clemson...


Clemson says low ticket sales due to Wale Concert

December 27, 2012

Tiger fans have not been scooping up Peach Bowl tickets with as much zest this year, and some were speculating that it was due to the way the regular season ended.  “Not so!” says Clemson Athletics Director Dan Rattlecolddish, who says a bit of bad luck is actually driving the low numbers.  

It turns out that Ralph Victor Folarin, aka “Wale,” will be in concert on New Year’s Day in Silver Springs, Maryland.  “Yes, Wale’s go-go percussion style off-shoot of disco is a raw brand of hip-hop that appeals to most of the residents in Belton, Iva, and Walhalla,” noted Rattlecolddish who says the choice just puts families with limited recreational dollars in a tough spot.  “So some folks might feel that losing to the Gamecocks is affecting things but when you understand it in context, this is the real reason.”  

Rattlecolddish went on to say he is not surprised that Carolina’s ticket sales have not been hurt by Wale’s concert.  “What do you expect?  Their fans just don’t relate to gifted hip-hop artists like folks in Pendleton or Six Mile.”  The Tiger AD also pointed out that even if Wale weren’t playing that night in Maryland, the Ernie Krivda Jazz Workshop in Cleveland was scheduled as well.  

Clerk at Easley “Lil Cricket” store thinks the SEC really wants Clemson

December 27, 2012

Late-shift clerk Cletus J. Waylon, Clemson Historian and long-time worker at the Li’l Cricket #337 in Easley, says based on his research, the SEC is desperate to bring Clemson in as its 15th member.  

While he was rearranging the beef jerky display, Waylon took a few minutes to break down his ideas as to why the nation’s strongest football conference is hungry to land the Tigers.  

“First off, just look at media markets.  The SEC has very little coverage of the northwest corner of South Carolina.  Granted, we’re pretty close to Athens, Knoxville and Columbia.  But you’re missing tens of twenties of potential fans as we speak.  Second, the SEC has done okay in football of late, but Clemson has a national championship on its resume.  Hello?  National Champs baby.  Can you say ‘hardware and high profile?’  I think so.  And finally, you know how much the SEC puts into basketball every year and here we are in the ACC?  I think you can do that math.”  

Waylon stopped putting out potato chips just long enough to also say that Dabo Swinney had played ball at Alabama.  “Not a lot of folks can say that.” 

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