Friday, September 26, 2014

MOO U News: Dabo doubles down on “We’re 0-2 vs. Clemson”

Dabo Swinney made headlines for his odd comments again this week when he noted:  “We're 0-2 versus Clemson. That's the bottom line.”  After being ridiculed mercilessly in the media world following the comments, you may have expected the Upstate’s favorite “daffy dapster” to retract the words (or blame them on an overly tight necktie).  Instead, he is doubling down and digging the hole of craziness even deeper. 

“Back off Jack!  I meant that!  We’re 0-2 against Clemson and I never liked Clemson.  Clemson don’t do things right and frankly…Clemson is just not a nice person,” said Swinney who admits he’s under some heat over his losing streak to Clemson.  “I know I have to start beating Clemson if I am going to remain here at Clemson.”  Swinney went on to point out that although he is 0-2 against Clemson, that mark is still better than Clemson’s basketball record against North Carolina in Chapel Hill. 

When asked what he thought his record would be against Clemson when the year was over, Swinney stopped eating his pork ‘n’ beans for a moment and shrugged his shoulders.  “I guess it depends on how many times we end up playing Clemson.  I didn’t know they were on the schedule at all and we’ve played them twice already.”

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