Friday, October 5, 2012

Crystal Ball Speaks... Week 6

LSU at Florida
The yellow bengals from the bayou prowl into citrus country on Saturday, ready to put the claws into the Gainesville Chompers.  The Disney Crocodiles consider their home bog a Magic Kingdom, and won’t get scratched up without a fight.  The Mad Hatter better bring all of his lucky charms to this one.  The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... LSU by 2

Arkansas at Auburn
The squealing piglets from the Ozarks bring their curly tails to the Plains on Saturday, hoping to turn the Toomer’s Corner Scratching Post into a large pigskin trough.  In what has to be the “Disappointment Bowl of 2012,” it’s hard to choose either of these squads to win.  I’ll go with the Jordan-Hare Kittens as using the home crowd to push them over the top.        
The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Auburn by 5

Texas A & M at Ole Miss
The Oxford Gentlemen are back at The Grove this weekend, hoping some visiting Cowboys will be distracted by some strong Mint Juleps.  The College Station Gauchos are bringing their finest pigskin ropes with them, so they should avoid a plantation hangover when the sun sets.  Sorry Colonel Sanders!   The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Texas A & M by 8

Vanderbilt at Missouri
The Golden Cats from Columbia West open up the Faurot Field Litter Box this weekend, hoping to ground ashore the USS Nashville.  The visiting boat captains had big horns blaring coming into the fall, but the music city ships have turned out to be tugboats as usual.  The home cats should leave with the claws in tact.  The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Missouri by 7

Mississippi State at Kentucky
The Catfish Dogs from Magnolia Country leave the Davis-Wade Kennels on Saturday, hoping to bury some bones into bluegrass country.  Joker Phillips has done what he can to make the Blue Meowers relevant but this weekend won’t help the case.  Go with the Maroon Barkers to leave with their collars in tact.  The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Miss. State by 13

Georgia Tech at Clemson
Dabo the Ego will open up the Death Valley Den this weekend, hoping to finally shake loose from some pesky Atlanta bees.  The slide-rule buzzers always bring their sharpest stingers to the party when in the upstate, but their pigskin honey just ain’t thick as usual.  The orange kool-aid will be flowing when the sun sets in Pickens County. The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... Clemson by 17

Georgia at South Carolina
Mark Richt and his Athens Alpos trot into Columbia this weekend, and they are barking loudly about how much chicken they will eat.  Steve Spurrier will have the Bluff Road Poultry Plant in a feathered frenzy when they arrive, and the home cluckers will not into the fryer without a fight.  The mangy fleabags have strong jowls this fall but they will leave Richland County with a whimper.  The Cockabooster Crystal Ball says... South Carolina by 7

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