Monday, October 1, 2012

Can we seize our opportunity?

Steve Spurrier is all about doing things for the first time.  Without a doubt, it is that passionate personality trait that brought the Visored One to Columbia in the first place.  We all know he could have taken a “cushier” and easier situation.  Gamecock fans have watched as the program slowly started to rise from the murky depths of mediocrity under the Head Ball Coach.  Clearly, the football program in Columbia is in the best shape it has ever been in my lifetime.  

Now, thanks to the way last year ended and this season has started, we come to a new crossroads in the Spurrier era.  I think everyone would agree that the next three games constitute a brutal collection of opponents.  They also give Carolina a true opportunity to show the nation that we are…finally…one of the elite programs in College Football.  Gamecock fans whine so much and so often about not getting the respect we feel we deserve.  I can tell you this: If we seize this opportunity against Georgia, LSU and Florida, that will no longer be an issue.  

So what does “seizing the opportunity” mean?  Some say we have to win all three games.  Others would say looking good and winning 2 is enough.  And I am sure there are those that are in a fetal ball scared that we might “only win 1” or get swept.  This is where you are so thankful that we have Spurrier as our Coach.  When we are done with these three games, whatever happens, he is going to be there getting us prepared for game #9 and doing his part to keep us level-headed.  

We are an interesting lot as Gamecock fans.  We’re not as negative and self-loathing as Red Sox fans (I am one of those), and we are not as delusional and “super-happy” as our upstate brethren (I am not one of those).  But we do have wild mood swings toward these two poles.   Spurrier is going to have to pull us back from an extreme one way or the other in a few weeks.  

Let’s make this ride a fun one and enjoy ourselves.  Let’s not get all bent out of shape when David Pollack, Schlabach, Corso, etc are guaranteeing Georgia will destroy us.  Those fleas come with the dog when you’re trying to move a program forward.  Instead, let’s make Columbia a frenzied “sandstorm” this week!

Here’s to hoping that we step up and get this done!  I want to wake up after 8 games with the Coach having to remind us that we still have much work to do despite how well we’ve played.  That would be quite preferable to his having to pick us up and remind us that we still have much to play for despite how poorly we’ve played.  J  Regardless, it’s a great time to be a Gamecock!  

(One other note:  No change this week in the Claws vs. Paws.  The Tiger Swag still leads, but barely!)

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