Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Gamecock fans really need to grow up

It takes a long time to change a ground-in mindset.  Lacking the ability to recognize a change in circumstances can lead to poor decision-making.  Now there is no question in athletics I would rather be a program on the rise (like Carolina) who has a section of their fan base that hasn’t adapted to it yet.  Certainly the need to get used to winning is always preferable to being a once strong program who is now on the decline. 
Having said that, while the change is happening, it does “seem” temporarily easier for the fans in denial at the formerly winning school.    The next game always seems to be the start of a new winning streak for them, while for us we have fans who live in fear of the next game being the start of a losing streak.  I guess three decades of playing a losing role will do that to you but it’s frustrating.
Baseball is a good example of what I mean in South Carolina.  Until Ray Tanner arrived in the late 90s, Clemson largely dominated the diamond (Yes, outside of a mid-70s run by some very strong Gamecock squads).  Then after Tanners first couple of seasons were under his belt, he proceeded to rocket his program to new heights and has landed 2 national championships.  USC is among the national elite and is both feared and everyone.  Our stadium is a baseball palace and going to a game at “The Ray” is awesome. 
Then came 2012 and our “rough” start.  For those who understand baseball, a year like this was going to happen.  It was just a matter of numbers and odds, and it shouldn’t be surprising or a big deal.  For the first time in a while, the bounces don’t seem to be going our way and we are losing most of the tight 1-run games.  The annual “reloading” may just honestly be a rebuilding.  That could all still be true, but we end up with a postseason of great things. 
If you’re one of the fans who lives in fear of your own shadow, I get it based on our history.  I really do and I was one of those fans myself for a long time.  Just save it for football and hoops moving forward.  How can everyone else in the country love, fear or respect this program, but we have a sizeable % of the fan base that can’t just get behind them and enjoy the ride? 
I will give you a clue that will let you know you’re one of these “fans.”  If your reaction to this is, “who the heck are you to tell me what kind of fan I need to be,” then congratulations you’re Exhibit A and need to go soak your head.  Grow up and enjoy this baseball program!  Trust In Tanner! 

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  1. Well said, oh faithful Cock-A-Booster! Well said!



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