Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spurrier is feeling it!

Steve Spurrier has started to let some of his patented “digs” out of the bag after several years of being quiet.  There is a little more bounce in his step and he has a cockier twinkle in his eye.  It is patently obvious that USC has more under the hood than ever and 2012 could be special.  Yes, yes, we have a LONG way to go until the fall.  Injuries can happen of course and chemistry has to be a part of the equation. 

Having said that, there is much to like about the 2012 Carolina Football team.  On offense, Connor Shaw should be a much better signal-caller, and even not counting Marcus Lattimore the Gamecocks are loaded at the skill positions.  On defense, Devin Taylor and Jadaveon Clowney will headline a salty defense that will be right up there with the other SEC units. 

Sure there are question marks.  There always will be.  Who wouldn’t miss Melvin Ingram, Antonio Allen, Alshon Jeffery and Stephon Gilmore?  The difference is that finally we have a program with big names replacing the big names that leave.  All levels of the program are improved and it is showing. 

As it is every year, the schedule is the biggest problem facing this team.  Count me among those who don’t like the Thursday night in Nashville to open the season.  Vandy won’t have realized that they are just a polished-up turd yet and will probably play their best game of the year that night.  Dangerous game.  As we saw last year, ECU loves playing us so that won’t be easy.  Another dangerous game. 

But let’s say we maneuver through those two land mines and beat UAB.  Look at the next 5 games:  Mizzou, @ Kentucky, Jawja, @ LSU and @ Florida.  That is a meat grinder folks.  Tennessee and Arkansas close out the conference slate in Columbia after that and we have two in-state bunny games to finish the year.  J 

It won’t be easy to match the success of last year’s team as you can see.  Florida will be much better and The Georgia Bulldogs are hoping beyond hope that a schedule quirk can help them fall rear-end backwards into another unearned Eastern Division title.    Count me and Steve Spurrier among those telling the Lizards and Silver Britches to bring it on. 

This goes double for Athens.  Dawg fans better enjoy the SEC pampering and looking out for them and not having to play the tough teams from the West.  I actually am happy that I have lived to see the day when Georgia knows they can’t beat the Gamecocks and smoke and mirrors is their only hope.  That’s fine.  I’ll take my confident Head Ball Coach and loaded football team any day of the week.  

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