Monday, April 30, 2012

Don’t forget the context on the NCAA nonsense!

As the book is closed on the NCAA’s insane probe of Carolina over a tempest in a teacup, folks are now heaping praise on the Gamecock administration’s obvious decision to bend over, grab its collective ankles and pray.  OF COURSE we had to play nice and go above and beyond this past time because we are under “repeat offender” status due to the rampant tutoring that was going on under Lou Holtz.  That’s the point that is being lost in this and it’s irritating.  

Where USC should have fought the NCAA was during the first go-around.  And yes, basically the two “horrible crimes” that Carolina committed as a result of that were tutoring too much and someone getting a ride to said tutoring.  That was it folks.  Thanks to that, largely caused by our insistence on being “guilty until proven innocent in all cases,” we had this idiotic repeat offender tag put on our heads.  In other words, what helped us “get out of trouble” the second time is what got us into trouble the first time.  

I know my opinion on this is the minority view, and I get that the results ended up okay for USC…this time.  I would just hope we can all acknowledge that the NCAA is at best inconsistent and at worst hypocritical and disingenuous.  Some are speculating that the positive reaction to our handling of this recent investigation is going to set a new standard for other schools to follow and that the message is if you’ve done something wrong admit it and you’ll fare better. 
I certainly hope that’s the case but I have seen too many examples of just flat-out rotten stuff go unpunished when the school goes into “prove it” mode and they are making the NCAA tons of money.  

So color me skeptical until one of “those” situations is upon us and the new NCAA approach gets fully tested.    Let’s see what happens when a national title game or non-ACC/Big East BCS Bowl game could be affected by eligibility issues.  I’ll believe it when I see it. 
So yes, I give full credit to Eric Hyman, Steve Spurrier and everyone else who handled this recent NCAA saga.  Hopefully, this new double-secret probation marks the last time we have to deal with the NCAA goons and they will actually start looking at schools who need a good probing.  Until then, enjoy my middle-finger salute to the NCAA as they leave Columbia with their final pound of Gamecock flesh.  Don’t let the door hit you…well you know the rest.  Off to do some evil tutoring.  GASP!! 

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